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Advance Products Corporation (APC): APC is your one-stop source for shot end components including shot sleeves, steel and copper plunger tips & rods, die clamps and ladle cups. Focusing on environmentally friendly products, APC recently introduced the Mini-Max die lube reclaiming system. www.advanceproductscorp.com

Arco Alloys Corp.:Is a zinc smelter and alloyer located in Detroit, MI. Arco has been in business since 1938 and manufactures zinc alloys for die casters, foundries and steel mills. The company is a consumer and trader of primary zinc metal and zinc die cast scrap. Arco is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 registered.

Cal-Miser Aluminum Systems, Inc.: Cal-Miser gas-fired aluminum hold- ing furnaces are available in six standard models with bath sizes from 1600-lb. to 3800-lb. to meet the metal requirements for a variety ofdie casting machines. Cal-Miser furnaces feature a self-contained compact design with all mechanical components enclosed in one cabinet. For more information, reference: www.calmiser.com

FW Metals LLC: Metals brokerage and trading company specializing in secondary aluminum ingot and scrap for die casters and foundries. With more than 30 years of industry sales experience, FW Metals works closely with its suppliers. Long-standing relationships with producers ensures consistent, high quality product. This experience provides metalcasters with competitively-priced, quality metal.

Sterling Engineering & Manufacturing: now located in Royal Oak, MI began in 1942 as designers and manufactures of special machine tools, fixtures, dies, and gauges. Sterling has evolved as a respected provider of automated machine tools, assembly systems, robotic material handling cells and heat treatment automation. Sterling’s die casting solutions from extractors, quench / cooling modules and horizontal trim presses puts leading edge solutions into the hands of die casters who are facing the challenges of today’s competitive marketplace. www.sterlingengineering.com

Trialco: Trialco is located in Chicago’s south suburbs and specializes in producing quality primary and secondary alloys for die castings, sand castings, investment castings for job shops and specialty casting operations. Trialco is an ANSI/ISO/ASQ 9001:2000 registered company. www.trialco.net

Wilson Diagnostic Systems: Productivity software for the die casting industry focuses on time studies, downtime analysis and critical diagnostics. Wilson Diagnostic Systems solutions can be used for an individual function or as a complete plant information system.

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